October 8, 2012

The Power to Create

Pınar, Workshop Designer & Creative Worker 
Sunglasses: miu miu
Knit Jumper: Mudo Collection
Skirt: Mudo Collection
Shoes: H&M
Bracelet: Durak DükkanBeşiktaş Istanbul
Leather Brief Case: Heritage of her father
Somehow I could tell from the first second that Pınar is a very creative and sensitive person. I don't know exactly why - I just had that feeling. And then she started telling me her story and I understood. Pınar's father died three years ago. They had a very close relationship. From that day on she is carrying his brief case. Her father bought the brief case in 1982 - Pınar's year of birth. That tragic experience changed everything in her life. She left her job at a big advertising agency because all the lies did not make sense to her any longer. Pınar found her soul mate and she became a mother. She describes herself as a Creative Worker. Quit rightly, in my view! Take a look at her amazing creative work: puf pembe.
I love the bracelet and I can't wait passing by that small boutique in Beşiktaş where Durak Dükkan sells his unique jewellery. And even if the bird is not finished yet I think it's definitely a Pınar bird.

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