July 29, 2013

Thank You Istanbul!

This is Istanbul for Me...
Istanbul is a magnificent city - one full of beauty, history, spectacular architecture, nice restaurants, views to die for, exceptionally kind and honest people, fun filled nightclubs, exotic sounds, exotic smells and much more. Istanbul is also a city of dilapidated buildings, dirty streets, lots of cats, stray dogs, carpet sellers who can be annoying, taxi drivers who can't drive and few scammers. Istanbul is not perfect. Istanbul is not plastic. It's real and it's gritty. It's Asia, it's Europe. It's a total contradiction!! And all of it, the good and the bad, combine to make it one of the most vibrant, unique and amazing cities in the world. Istanbul will always stay in my heart!

July 22, 2013

July 16, 2013

Elegance is What You Are Not What You Wear

Gözde, Lawyer

Hat: Park Bravo
Coat: Zara
Bag: Ipekyol
Boots: Boutique in Kadiköy 
Georgio Armani once said: Elegance doesn't mean being noticed. It means being remembered. I met Gözde in December and she left quite a mark. I met many people with an interesting style but, Gözde was the only one so far with an elegant style. It appears to me that elegance is not popular in nowadays. But what exactly means elegance. Sense of style or a mental attitude? I never thought about this interesting question before. First, elegance means work. Perfect shaped hair, precisely defined eye lines and tailor visits are not possible without discipline. Elegance is also an act of politeness, charisma and self-awareness. In terms of clothes elegance has a lot to do with clarity and quality. An elegant outfit should be inconspicuously simple and clean and never superficial from my point of view. I have come to realize that elegance is both: mental attitude and sense of style. Elegance is an art form with many facets. These days our whole life is defined by efficiency, optimization, tempo and fast consumption. These characteristics are in conflict with the nature of true elegance. Maybe it's time to think about a new form of elegance. Fashion stands for the basic condition of life: transience. That's why fashion rises so many questions. What does modern elegance mean for you?

July 8, 2013

I Don't Care About Fashion

Ahsen, Student
Scarf: Present from a close friend
Jacket: her Grandmother's
Blouse: Mango
Shirt: Fred Perry
Leggings: Bazaar
Boots: Timberland
She doesn't care about fashion
She doesn't even know what is trendy right now
She doesn't wanna know either
She has her own style
She wears what she likes
No matter others like it or not
She will still wear it anyway
She is weird but sincere 
She is crazy but cool
Ahsen has her own style. That's for sure. She is not interested into fashion. That's what impressed me. Her style is laid-back, easy and natural. That's why I wanted her to become part of Imprimoloco. I met her in November. The fact that Ahsen is not into fashion, but still sets a high value on an individual style made me think about the difference between style and fashion. From my point of view style means consistency. Fashion stands for constant change. Exaggerated style turns into boredom. Exaggerated fashion turns into idiocy. You can turn it how you like: In my opinion the attitude towards fashion seems paradoxical. Even if you say, you don't care about fashion and don't dress to make a statement, you are making a statement (that you don't care about fashion). I think it's not possible to stay completely out of fashion. Like it or not, somehow you always act towards fashion. Especially if you try hard to dress completely indifferent towards trends. Sooner or later you compare your style to other styles in your surrounding. In the end, it's not the point if you like fashion or not. That's the thing: Taste is so subjective! And because of that there is never a right answer about what is tasteful and what you should be consuming. What I hate about fashion is that there is too much emphasis placed on what and not on why. I have come to realize that it is not about what I like, but why I like it. That's exactly what makes Imprimoloco different from other fashion and street-style blogs. Imprimoloco goes far beyond what.

July 1, 2013

Everything has Beauty, but not Everyone sees It

Derya, Shop Window Designer
Hat: Mudo Collection
Shirt: Bershka
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
For one month now it is summer in Istanbul. People show a lot of skin and I made an interesting and shocking discovery: I am the only person on the beach and at the pool whose skin is tattoo free. It seems as if everyone is inked up except me. The trend for tattoos is not exactly breaking news, but in the last year tattoos became mainstream. I could not help, but wonder why people get tattoos.
Tattoos are expensive, they are painful and they are permanent. Many people find them unattractive, or even repulsive, others see the beauty in them. If you get a tattoo, you will be judged by others because of that tattoo. People think that tattoos are just a cry for attention, a rebellion against society, or a way to hide who we truly are. Some will say you get tattoos in order to be different, yet others will claim you are just trying to fit in with all of the other tattooed people. In all honesty, all of those opinions are true, but at the same time couldn’t be more wrong, I think. 
I met Derya last September and I wanted him to become part of Imprimoloco because I could see that his tattoos are an important part of his character. I realized that tattoos became mainstream from a very top down perspective because every tattoo has it's own story to tell. Some tattoos are a representation of a period of time or specific event which was a turning point for that person. If someone wants to commemorate a lost friend, relative or even a pet with a tattoo, why try to take that away from them? Some people wear crosses around their necks, others get them tattooed on their bodies. For people who feel strongly about their religion, a tattoo is just another way of showing others their faith. Some people don’t get tattooed for deep personal or spiritual reasons, they simply like the art and design aspect of it. There are far too many reasons behind tattoos to try to list them all in a single blog post and that was not my intention. The point I am trying to make is that you never know the reason behind a tattoo unless you ask. Who knows - maybe I will get tattooed one day too. 

June 25, 2013

You Only See What Your Eyes Want to See

Ceren, Actress
Trech Coat: Mango
Shirt: Zara
Jeans: H&M
Bag: Mango
Sun Glasses: H&M
Necklace: Topshop

Sunglasses are one of the few accessories that both protect and project. They protect your eyes from damaging sunlight and project your own personal style in the process. Thanks to creative designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Tom Ford and others, sunglasses are more than functional — they are art. Only a few years ago I had one pair - for years, then I finally realized that there is no easier way transforming a look from dull to dazzling in a few seconds by wearing the right pair of shades. So why stick to just one pair that can be broken or lost? Keep a few pairs of shades on hand to give your wardrobe a polish at affordable prices. I stumbled upon Ceren last October. Going through her amazing pictures I noticed that she was one of the first wearing sunglasses round in shape. The perfect reason for me to think about sunglasses and style.
In 1937, when United States Air-Force pilots needed eye protection from the bright sun, they adopted the now-infamous aviator style of sunglasses created by start-up company Ray-Ban. The aviator glasses not only were protective against harmful ultra-violet rays, but quickly became a fashion staple during, and after the World War II era. Ray Ban wasn’t finished exclusively with the aviator, as they innovated unique plastic molding technology in the 50′s to manufacture the wayfarer, their other iconic style. Plastic molding technology made manufacturing sunglasses easy and affordable. Today, most sunglasses take inspiration from either wayfarers or aviators. Since their invention, celebrities have always been on the fore-front of sunglass trends, and sunglasses have become synonymous with Hollywood actors and actresses. In the 60′s, Bob Dylan and Audrey Hepburn were among the early adopters of wayfarer styled sunglasses, and many 1970′s and 1980′s stars brought aviators back into fashion. 
One of the most important industry players is an Italian company Luxottica. Luxottica manufactures in and around 70 per cent of popular branded sunglasses including Burberry, Chanel, Versace, Prada and Ralph Lauren under an exclusive license. This company also owns a number of leading brands including the ever-popular Ray Ban and Oakley.
I think fall eyewear is brimming over with stylish statements! Color and shape are amped up and chic. Michael Kors's models wore either oversized shield-type frames or small egg-shaped shades. Over at Anna Sui, turquoise and pearl in 80s style and school boy frames topped retro-rocker fashion. Tory Burch, known for her modern classics, paired oversized cat eye sunnies with her looks. A few frames sparkled with heavy rhinestone trim, whilst others had gold trimmed frames.
Briefly summarized eye fashion is a completely separate industry with it's own rules. In the end it's important to go for a high UV protection and to know which shape suites you. Sometimes the only reason for wearing sunglasses is that I don't want people to look into my eyes, I want to keep distance or, - to be honest -  I can stare at people without getting caught

June 20, 2013

I'd rather Have Roses on My Table than Diamonds on My Neck

Merve, Student 
Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Toms
Bag: Balenciaga
Bracelet: Swarovski

I love flowers. I am always happy to get flowers. And believe me, there is no need for a special occasion giving flowers to a person (I am trying hard to send this message to the man I love). Flowers are fascinating me not only because they are pretty or they smell nice. Seeing a beautiful flower makes me feel respect, awe and astonishment for the nature. Two hundred years ago flowers were the code for many things you could not say or ask in a direct way. Many flower expressions are an integral part of our language (especially in German). For certain and very important occasions we give flowers, like birth, funeral, anniversary, wedding, welcome, farewell ... If you think about it, flowers are a very important and inspiring part of our daily life, apparently inconspicuous. 
I remember as it were yesterday when my mother went to the final event of my dancing school wearing a long black dress printed with orange and green flowers. I felt embarrassed. Now - thirty years later - I would give anything to wear that dress.
This season many popular designers were inspired by the beauty of flowers. After a long, cold winter nothing can highlight the presence of the spring and summer spirit quite like a vivid, colorful selection of prints, bursting up with life. The floral trend still continues from previous years with printed pants, dresses, skirts, and everything else you can put a flower on. I met Merve last September and I loved the way she wore her floral mini-skirt. The perfect reason for me to think about this trend. From blossoming roses to delicate daisies, floral prints were blooming all over the Spring 2013 runways. Prada, Erdem and Ralph Lauren (just to name a few) displayed their petal productions in bold prints and chunky accessories. It is on the top this season. Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the romance of spring. Perhaps this is why the floral trend is one that just won’t go away. 

June 11, 2013

Who is to Say You Look Good?

Harun, Window Designer for Bershka
Sun Glasses: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Bershka
Watch: Fossil
Sneakers: Adidas Super Star
Bag: Marc Chantal
"Men and Fashion" is still a great mystery for me. I already wrote about possible reasons why men are not as interested in style as women. And still, I wish I could write more about men's fashion and fashion related topics. I am sorry to say that, but there are by far more stylish women on the streets then men. That's why I am always happy to stumble upon gentlemen with the certain something. Harun is one of them. He confirms my theory: Obviously stylish men often work for the fashion industry. That's why they are aware of trends and timeless style. Meeting Harun makes me wonder, who is to say, more than anyone else, you look good?
As fashion is such a subjective social topic, it is only inevitable that we will each have our individual ideas of what looks good. We develop a clear idea of style and dressing that suits our particular tastes and we don’t really gravitate from that. In truth, the question of who’s to say you look good is a mixture of different aspects. The fashion industry dictates what kind of items dominate the high street, they create the trends and reinforce the classic styles, they choose the colours, the cut, fit and everything in between, and we are left as the consumers. But within this, we still have the choice: we can choose to wear one thing over another, we can choose how we want to look and it is up to us to be confident in our choices. Confidence in your clothes makes all the difference to the way you walk, the way you talk and the way you carry yourself – it is a crucial element of any man’s (and woman's) wardrobe.

May 31, 2013

The Key to Fashion Success is Self Confidence

Meral Tabakoğlu, Brand Manager for Buse Terim
T-Shirt: Asli Filinta
Jeans: Mango
Ballet Pumps: Valentino
Clutch: Balenciaga
I met Meral at the Facehunter book presentation in Istanbul. There were many beautiful women, but only a few who emitted self confidence and calm. I opened our conversation with the words: "You look exactly like yourself, that's why I want you to become part of Imprimoloco." And Meral's answer left a lasting impression on me: "Let me tell you a secret. The self-confidence to dress like yourself comes with age." Wow, what an inspiring food for thought! How do self-confidence and style belong together? 
Self-confidence is in all of us, but given with different measures. Some have more and some have less. Others have more (when they should have less) and some have less (when they should have more). Self-confidence can also be seen in what we wear because what we wear can give us a boost in our own self-image. The clothes are the superficial portion that gives the uplifting and encouragement. What we know and feel is important, what brings joy and happiness, and what brings content and peace, should also translate to what we view ourselves from the outside looking in. No need for façade, and no hiding behind expensive designer anything. Our mentality is of confidence and security, not attitude and arrogance, and that should translate in how we showcase ourselves through our clothes wherever we go.
There are, obviously, many spiritually and psychologically negative concepts associated with fashion. People often think that if they aren’t ‘thin enough’ or ‘rich enough’ then they never have a chance of looking good in clothes, just to name one of many examples. The older you get, the more you just feel what suits you, regardless of what others may think.

Meral's Balenciaga clutch is from 2007. Her style secret: Invest in a few quality pieces!

May 24, 2013

Just Be...and then maybe in Love, Inspired and Beautiful

Bahar, Creative Director of Blank Mag
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Blouse: H&M
Metallic Shorts: Topshop
Lace-Ups: DR.Martens Made in England
Bahar's shoes were enough to know that I want her to become part of Imprimoloco. A pair of Dr.Martens Elisabeth shoes, crafted in England - together with metallic shorts, white blouse and a black blazer vest. You don't need to be in to fashion and trends to know that only people with a style gene (or a personal stylist) are able to dress like this. We chatted and Bahar told me about her online magazine: Blank Mag, an imaginative and lovingly created online magazine about style, beauty, art culture and lifestyle. I like the clear design and the expressive photographs of the magazine. What impressed me most was the headline: Just be...and then maybe in Love, Inspired and beautiful. 
For further information on made in England Dr.Martens take a look at their international online shop: Dr.Martens made in England.
Bahar's necklace with her mother's golden wedding ring means a lot to her, in fact it is the most important piece of her outfit, a memory of a loved one.

I feel a warmth around me
like your presence is so near,
And I close my eyes to visualize
your face when you were here,
I endure the times we spent together
and they are locked inside my heart,
For as long as I have those memories
we will never be apart

by Louise Bailey

May 17, 2013

Style is an Important Part of Your Personal Expression

Aslı, Political Science Student
Sunglasses: Roberto Cavalli
Jacket: Zara
Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Wedge Sneakers: River Island
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Watch: Marc By Marc Jacobs
Bracelet: Antonio Ben Chimol
I think fashion is art. Fashion inspires and fashion tells stories. Designer translate influences of art, culture and society into their collections. Depending on the combination of different pieces and the presentation - the result is fashion. In the form of clothes fashion reflects social, cultural and spiritual trends. Fashion is not necessarily equivalent with style. Style is the mirror of your personality. Style is often a very personal expression of attitude towards life and current mood based on dreams and visions. In other words, clothes are a daily role-play. Aslı told me that she is always choosing her outfits depending on the mood. She is about to finish her political science studies in Moscow. Asli misses Istanbul's climate and it's friendly people. I asked Asli to become of Imprimoloco because she seemed relaxed and of course I loved her feminine and sportive outfit. It turned out that she chose especially that combination because she felt positive and easygoing in the morning. The perfect opportunity for me to think about the context of fashion, style and mood.
What I learned from my blog experience so far is, that there are not many people who are photogenic from frontal and profile - Asli definitely is!
What Asli likes about wedge sneakers is the sportive touch. Every outfit gets a casual twist together with wedge sneakers. For more inspiration on wedge sneakers check out ShopStyle.

May 14, 2013

Heavy Metal is Back!

Aische, Loves to travel
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Shirt: Souvenir from England
Trousers: Souvenir from China
Flats: Nine West
Bag: fabrika
What I love about every new season is that it unveils new fashion trends and breathes freshness and liveliness into our wardrobes. Mirrors foils, statement metal prints, sparkling materials and holographic finishes made a big splash at the Spring / Summer 2013 catwalks. Being spotted in nearly each show of the Fashion Week Fall 2013, the metallic offers a fresh way to bring luxurious touch to an outfit replacing colorful neon and pastel trends. Leading Fashion Houses like Mulberry, Alexander Wang and Burberry Porsum stacked on the metallic trend in their spring summer 2013 collections and didn't lose. No matter the style is minimalistic bold, metallic color turned every piece into a dazzling style statement. Metallic Super flats or kitten heels and shining bags seem to be a definite must. Since I live close to a Burberry Shop I decided to start my metallic research there. The whole spring / summer collection is intensely metallic, bags, trench coats and even skirts and shirts. They call the metallic runway. During my metallic trend research I stumbled upon Aische. Her outfit is the perfect street translation of this trend: Silver shining shoulder bag together with golden and bronze super flats. The perfect futuristic twist!
Topshop has a great gold metallic dress. Zara is playing safe with only a few pair of shoes with metal, including this lovely pair of metallic ballerinas and otherwise metal only on necklaces and bags. Mango is more daring with a golden top and a very nice oversize bronze bag amongst many other metallic items.

May 10, 2013

The Thrill of the Chase

Sinem, Art Gallery Director
Sun Glasses: Ray Ban
Leather Jacket: Zara
Shirt: Mango
Trousers: Zara
Ankle Boots: Chloé
Sinem's office is in Beşiktaş. She works as a Gallery Director for artON Istanbul. Her red ankle boots caught my eyes and I and paused for a few seconds in front of the huge shop window behind which Sinem and her colleagues were working. I pointed at her boots and turned my thumb up. She smiled and went outside immediately. With pride Sinem told me the story of her red colored Chloé ankle boots. She bought this amazing pair of shoes at eBay UK. The parcel arrived three days ago. She had been looking for this pair of boots more than two years until she finally managed to close the auction and to make a good deal. After this story, it was only natural asking her to become part of Imprimoloco. For me, people with style value their clothes. Certain pieces are special because of the story behind. Sinem betrays to me that she loves the chase. Her next object of desire will be a vintage Mullberry bag. She said, laughed and admitted that it will probably take another two years to have good fortune on that eBay auction. I wish her very good luck! I like Sinem's attitude: It's all about the thrill of the chase!
What I love about eBay is the fact that within 10 minutes I can have access to a marketplace that is phenomenally huge and covers the entire globe (give or take a little bit). I have sellers fighting to get at my items and I can do this all from the comfort of my own home. It's a business within a box.
If you are infected with the idea of buying designer clothes at online auctions  - check out the 11 Top Online Auction Sites on thebudgetfashionista.com.

May 7, 2013

Hairstyles may come and go, but Some really make a Splash!

Begüm, Communication & Design Student
Sunglasses: Tory Burch
Necklace: Fendi
Shirt: Bershka
Cardigan: Bershka
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Toms
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Massimo Dutti / Tory Burch
Bag: Fendi
Hairstyles may come and go, but some really make a splash and leave a mark. In my case, half shaved hairstyles. Some people go through a phase where they have a strong urge to shave off portions of their hair. At a stage only a brave few go on to the next stage where the actual shaving takes place. Cheers to them! I was deeply impressed by Begüm's shaved patch together with the braided hair. What a hairstyle! These hairstyles are meant for them who want to look completely different from the crowd. Baldness is something that was hidden with wigs at one time. Today, it is sported as a style statement by men as well as women. I think, shaved hairstyles have been inspired by rock stars for a long time. Having a full mane was routine, so some musicians went to full or half shaved hairstyles to make them look different from the rest of the crowd. Now these hairdos even conquered the red carpet and have been adopted by some brave people on the street, like Begüm. There are different ways to wear half shaved hairstyles. Some shave both sides of the head and leave a thick fringe of hair in the center. Others shave the front part of the hair and leave the part behind in the form of a short blunt cut or medium length. Shaving one side of the head and leaving the other side long is very common among women. I definitely like this sophisticated and slightly edgy look!
You can find further inspiration for amazing half shaved hairstyles on slodive.com

May 6, 2013

Black is Black and Nothing can Compare to It!

Derya, Beauty Specialist
Sunglasses: Tom Ford
Necklace: SIX
Jumper: from her Mother
Trousers: Batik
Shoes: Lacoste
Ring: SIX
I wasn't surprised when Derya told me that she works as a beauty specialist. I like her clean and puristic chic. And it didn't surprise me at all when I learned that most of her outfits are based on the color black. It's been said that woman who wear black lead colorful lives. Although it sounds like a paradox, it seems to be true. Coco Chanel or Audrey Hepburn for example. Although their lives were exiting and busy (colorful), they wore dominantly black clothes. Most women's wardrobes are full of black clothes, from little black dresses to black lingerie. What makes this color so popular? I think, the simple reason is that black goes with everything! It doesn't matter what your personal style is, you can look elegant, conservative, edgy, gothic ... and anything else. Black is black and nothing can compare to it. Black is always "in" and always classy and always timeless. By wearing black, you are already making a statement that you are strong and respectable. "Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: I don't bother you - don't bother me", Yohji Yamamoto.
Derya combines black clothes with golden jewelry. A perfect match. 
The German / French label Augustin Teboul is known for it's luxurious and clear-black designs. It is definitely worth to check their collection to get some inspiration for black styles. 

April 29, 2013

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Mine, Student
Scarf: Borrowed
Jacket: Flea Market, Regensburg
Dress: H&M
Tights: H&M
Spring is a magical season for me. I love the sound of birds chirping, the smell of rain in the air, and the vibrant colors of the flowers starting to bloom. For me spring awakes the senses. It was one of the first warm spring days in Hamburg when I noticed Mine sitting in the sun and enjoying her coffee. In retrospect I realized why I asked Mine to become part of Imprimoloco. Her energetic personality and the colorful highlighted style symbolized perfectly the beginning of spring. The name Mine is Turkish in origin and stands for the flower "Forget-Me-Not". With a smile on her face Mine told me the story of her style. Her beautiful, red sparkling jacket is a gift from her sister and Mine's favorite piece. Her sister bought the jacket on a flea market for less than three Euros. Mine's story provides impressive evidence that fashion doesn't have to be expensive. "One man's trash is another man's treasure," an old saying says.
The mother of all flea markets is in Paris: Le Marché aux Puces. Any given Saturday, Sunday and Monday there are between 2,500 and 3,000 stalls and shops selling finds that range from antiques to cool French junk. There's stuff like old buttons, wonderful new and used French pots and pans, vintage and new clothes, as well as housewares and furniture. Of course, the better your French, the better your deals. 
As a child, I remember often getting confused by trying to remember the different colors of the rainbow. A simple mnemonic aid is the term ROY G BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). Mine's nails are the logical consequence of her fresh and colorful style.

April 22, 2013

Desire and Anxiety are the Heart of following Trends

Canan, Fashion and Textile Management Graduate
Headphones: AKG
Necklace: Bershka, Dubai
Shirt: Adidas for New York Yankees, LA
Leather Jacket: Zara
Trousers: Bebe, Dubai
Boots: Zara
Backpack: Fjällräven
I met Canan at the airport in Istanbul. We started talking while we were waiting for the luggage. I liked her cheerful and smart spirit. It turned out that Canan just quit her job in Hamburg as a store manager to start a new life and to try something new in Istanbul. Grown up in a tailor's family and with the background of fashion and textile management, Canan knows a lot about clothing and trends. We talked about her style and Canan brought up an interesting thought: "Is it possible to dress individual if you follow trends?" Steve Martin's joke occurs to me. He made all his audience stand up together and recite simultaneously the Nonconformists Pledge: I will be my own person! I will think my own thoughts! I will make my own decisions! Then he would tell the entire audience to sit down. And of course they did it, as a group, in union. This joke illustrates a truth that has existed for as long as people have. People follow trends. This is not a new thing. Desire and anxiety are the heart of this. We are drawn to the new and novel, to things that provide a feeling of change and progress. We also want to belong, to be part of something recognizable. There is no more obvious way to demonstrate this than through your clothes. The reverse side of these desires is anxiety - about not fitting in, not being up to date and being an outsider. I am always excited about trends because they tell me a lot about the world and the people. There are also many trends I like on others, but I am not interested in trying them myself. And there are trends I dislike, but I would not be the judge of what other people choose to wear. In the end I think the answer to Canan's question is that you don't adopt a trend because it's a trend. You try to see if it enriches your personal style. If it doesn't work for you  - you let it go. 
For my first day at school in 1985 my mother bought a light grey Fjällräven backpack. I loved it. Fjällräven is Swedish and means Arctic Fox. I am pleased to see that the Fjällräven backpacks are back. Take a look at their every day bag collection

April 9, 2013

True Beauty is What You Project

Asena, Fashion Stylist Assistant
Sun Glasses: H&M
Suede Jacket: Mango
Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Small Boutique, Istanbul
The first thing I thought when I saw Asena was "Wow - what a beautiful woman!" She makes me think about what true beauty means, but more on that later.
Asena's outfit shows her sure feeling for trends and her preference for casual styles which have that certain something. Quite rightly she is working as a fashion stylist assistant. Royal suede together with black and white stripes - amazing! Typically reserved for fall and winter, leather is making a big splash this spring, thanks to a lighter, more feminine look and feel. I think it is easy to embrace the unexpected warm weather look by selecting pieces in cool colors enhanced with embroidery, laser-cut details or perforated accents. Asena's stylish blue suede jacket inspired me to do some research. From my point of view the latest "Must Have" is Acne's Mape Petite Sue Pop
Back to true beauty. I have come to realize that beauty is a subjective quality, and a universal perfect beauty is, but an abstract concept. I did not only notice Asena's outfit. What I noticed was the whole beauty: Mind, spirit and body. It was a shining light that sparkled through her eyes and smile. I think, beauty is not only what you look like -  it's what you project.
For more beautiful pictures of Asena take a look at her blog: http://asenasaribatur.blogspot.com.