What's the Story of Your Style
Every morning standing in front of my wardrobe I ask myself the same questions: How do I feel today, what am I going to do and most important, what do I want to say by wearing a certain outfit? And believe me, I would rather be late than leaving the house feeling uncomfortable about my outfit. It took me a couple of years to discover my own style. Everything relates to each other: I feel comfortable in my body, I know what suits me and most substantial: I love to combine old and new, edgy and classic, basic and trendy. I could tell you the story of my life by going through my closet. Indeed, there is a story behind every single piece.
In my mind the style of a person is one of the most interesting ways of expressing the personality. A unique style is always telling  a story! I want to tell everyone about these impressing stories. I want to be the first who connects stories, emotions and fashion. Because for me exactly this is the meaning of style.
Of course style does not necessarily mean to wear the latest trend, to have the newest It-Piece or to be on the waiting list for a Birkin Bag. Real fashion means much more: It is a combination of self confidence, daily mood, personal taste and attitude towards life.
This blog is about interesting people, their marvelous style and the unique story behind it. 
You are invited to be a part of it...

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