March 29, 2013

Style Means being the Way I wanna be Every Single Day

Edith, Account Director TBWA Zürich
Fur: Waooh-Collection, Cannes
Shirt: Anti-flirt, Cannes
7/8 Jeans: Cambio, Frankfurt
Sneaker-Wedges: Maury, Brussels

Yesterday morning I got an email from my very good friend Susana. She seemed excited sending me some pictures of her colleague: "Look at Edith, I loooooove her style, I took a couple of pics. You should post her on Imprimoloco." Usually I prefer taking photographs myself because I need this very special feeling which appears every time I know that I want that person for my blog. Edith's unique outfit, her idea of style and the fact that every single piece of her outfit tells a story gave me the idea to create a collage. "Style means being the way I wanna be every single day."

March 28, 2013

Your Personality is what Pulls Your Look Together

Vanessa, Student
Denim-Jacket: Bershka
Dress: DeFakto
Leggings: Mango
Boots: Deichmann
Every year I spend a couple of days together with my nice and nephew. Wherever I have been, they came for a visit. For my nice Vanessa it's already the third trip to Istanbul. She is very interested in Imprimoloco, fashion and photography in general. That's why she wanted to accompany me on a street shoot. As it happened we started talking about denim jackets. Vanessa told me that she got her denim jacket during the last Istanbul trip (I totally forgot). This jacket always will remind her of our time together and of the most exciting city: Istanbul! It was these words that symbolized perfectly my idea of style and of Imprimoloco. Instead of keeping a lookout for interesting styles on the street - I decided to take pictures of Vanessa. It is admirable how Vanessa already knows what looks good on her and what doesn't. She doesn't dress to fit in with a particular group. Her style and personalty is a union. Many people do never reach this level of coordination. Once again I realize that personality is what pulls a look together. Style is about expressing yourself just the way you are and helping you become who you want to be. But you must accept yourself as you are, before you can become who you really want to be. Vanessa accepts herself the way she is. Did I mention that she is almost 17 years old?!!
Denim will never get out of style. For the spring and summer season 2013 you should wear a denim jacket with items you'd never dreamt of mixing with before, like dress shirts or a peasant top or over an evening dress. My favorite denim jacket for S/S 2013 is designed by the Swedish label ACNE, Stace Degrad.

March 25, 2013

Why do Women Love Shoes?

Vera Nur, Shoe Designer
Blouse: Koton
Skirt: Stradivarius
Clutch: Vintage
Shoes: Own Design
After Mehtap Elaidi's show the runway was already empty when I saw Vera sitting in between empty bags, folders and gift wraps. There was something beautiful and unreal about that scene. We started talking after I took some pictures. Vera told me that she is a shoe designer. The white, block heeled sandals is the first pair she designed. I like the idea that no one else is wearing the same pair. Vera's story makes me wonder why women are emotionally attached to shoes. There is a key scene in Sex And The City where Carry wonders what she has done with all her money. After a while, she realizes that her personal asset is actually inside her closet - she spent 40,000$ on shoes. And she is not alone. Every woman I know has a thing for shoes. Even shoes that hurt their feet. I think, shoes are fashion crack. It doesn't matter what size you are, how your hair looks, what job you have. Shoes won't judge  you like a pair of jeans will. It is not how much you spend on them or whether they are boots or stilettos. Shoes just don't discriminate. Being a shoe designer is a powerful job. I wish Vera every success in building her own shoe brand.
Vera's first shoe design: White block heeled sandals.
A great shop for buying designer shoes and for observing shoe trends is Footcandy. I like their blog: - where Carolyn Butter(calling herself a shoe connoisseur) provides us with her impressive shoe knowledge.
Vera's necklace says: "I have all you need!"
If you are looking for nice quote jewelry, check out The Giving Tree Gallery

March 19, 2013

Love, Glam and Light - Impressions of Lady Faith

"For Every Woman with the Will to Create Her Own World"
Designed and produced in Istanbul, Lady Faith reflects Turkey's dynamic Energy trough colors and prints
"We add color to Woman's daily life and we aim to change their routine of daily wear and turn it into a colorful expression."
Using the the prints extracted from designer's paintings
"It changes the way basics are understood until now and adds them art."
"We believe that with love, women feel the light and energy of the world and grab attention effortless with their glam."
That's why the collection is divided into three parts: LOVE, LIGHT and GLAM

March 18, 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Istanbul

Trends behind the Scene...
Meriç goes for Black and White together with the new Must Have: Plateau Wedges. For more inspiring outfits, check out Meriç's Blog: Maritsa
Zuhal perfectly combines Velvet, Balloon Skirt and Flower-Pattern. Check out her Blog: Zet Fashion
Dressing more Ladylike is hardly possible: Hourglass-Shape and Knee-Length Dress in Red and Black
 Patternmix at it's best together with Ethno influence...
What a splendid outfit! Tweed from top to toe together with blue and metallic
Even MBFWI's Manager is totally aware of the latest trends: Military Coat 2.0, Black and White
For this English It-Girl it's all about White, flashy Collars and rimmed Glasses together with the perfectly made up Red Lips
Back to Block Heals and Colored Shoulder Bags and don't forget berry colored Lipstick
Belly free is back - same as my favorite backpack label Fjällräven
One more season with Jeans Hotpants, easily combined with flowered or transparent Shirts
A layered outfit at it's best together with a very nice leather jacket!
Different Pastel Colors, Briefcase Bags and the perfect hat
We will go one more season for Neon Colors - but this time together with knee-length leather skirts and transparent plastic bags
Finely patterned tights are back - which goes obviously very well with flower and check patterns
Traditional Wear Up in every detail: Hat, Scarf, Jacket and even the pins

March 14, 2013

Attitude is a Little Thing that Makes a Big Difference

Azrazeyrek, Marketing Director Ipekyol Group
Pea Coat: Balenciaga
Blouse: Fay
Trousers: Fay
Sneakers: Nike
Bag: Céline
The best thing about writing a Streetstyle Blog is not the fashion part - it is to get in touch with interesting and inspiring people. Once more I realized that charisma and unique style goes hand in hand. Azrazeyrek was visible from afar because of her positive attitude and elegant, casual outfit. When I asked Azrazeyrek to become part of Imprimoloco it turned out that she is the marketing director of the Ipekyol Group. The Turkish clothing labels Ipekyol (timeless and feminine elegance), Twist (playful and trendy elegance) and Machka (stylistically confident and powerful elegance) belong to the Ipekyol Group. Azrazeyrek was searching for three years until she found the perfect looking and fitting pea coat at Balenciaga. A great opportunity for me to write about the pea coat phenomenon. A pea coat is a short wool jacket that is made in a style that was adapted to wear buy European sailors. The traditional coat is a deep navy blue color. A pea coat can be distinguished by it's broad lapels and double breasted style. Pea stands for Pauline, Eleanore and Andrew - the favorite sheep of a British Navy sailor whose father made the jacket to keep him warm while serving at the sea. If I were looking for a nice pea coat I would definitely go for the German label Firma Berlin on But no matter how you look at it - I talked to Azrazeyrek because of her positive attitude. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. 

March 6, 2013

Turn Your Face to the Sun and the Shadows fall behind You

Güneş, Student
Scarf: crafted by Güneş's mother
Sun Glasses: By Retro
Leather Jacket: Mango
Trousers: Taksim, Atlas Pasajı
It took me a while before I realized that all Turkish names have a meaning. Meanwhile my first question would be: "What does your name mean?", when I talk to people and take pictures for Imprimoloco. Determining the meaning on my own even makes me proud. Some of the names may derive from the time in which the child was born, e.g. Bayram (Feast), Safak (Dawn), Bahar (Spring) or the events during the birth like Yagmur (Rain) and Tufan (Storm). I like the meaning of Güneş's name: Sun. When we talked yesterday, everything was fitting together: The sun was shining, almost dazzling, the warm colors of her outfit reminded me of a sunset and of course the name itself "Sun". Besides the fact that Güneş already chose some of the spring 2013 trend colors, her style made me think how color can transform face, body, mood or even an attitude. "Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you", Charlotte Whitton

March 5, 2013

Never too Cool for Mickey Mouse

Alp, working for Fashionone TV
Hat: crafted by Alp's mother
Leather Jacket: Zara
T-Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Dsquared2
Buckled Shoes: Zara
Sun Glasses: Juicy Couture
I can't help myself, but Mickey Mouse always makes me smile. Not only because my daughter loves watching the Micky Mouse Club House - it is a reminder of my own childhood wonder. I remember sitting on the couch with my father watching Mickey Mouse cartoons together. Believe me, he had at least as much fun as I had. Mickey Mouse appeals to so many age groups for various reasons. Children love his ability to make them laugh with his spirited personality and extremely recognizable voice, as well as for his noble, yet entertaining actions. It seems that Mickey will always come to the rescue if someone were in trouble. In addition, adults love Mickey for the cherished memories that he stimulates within them. Over anything else, Mickey represents happiness and joyful experiences. Everyone can relate to Mickey Mouse because he is a timeless character who everyone alive today has encountered at some point. I noticed Alp wearing a grey Mickey Mouse t-shirt perfectly combined with blue jeans, black leather jacket and buckled shoes. The Mickey Mouse print does not only stand for a certain casualness, but also for the ability to take yourself not too seriously. That's exactly the "fine art" of fashion for me: Do not take it too seriously otherwise the pleasure of fashion will definitely go! 
Mickey Mouse t-shirts are definitely back. On the catwalks they provide a fashion upgrade together with leather skirts, elegant maxi skirts and nice jewelry. One of the best places to find Mickey Mouse shirts and originally printed shirts in general is the German brand LOGOSHIRT.