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I just moved back from Istanbul to Hamburg. The idea of Imprimoloco was born in Istanbul - one of the most exciting cities in the world. No other place ever inspired me more.

Imprimoloco is my brainwave! Distinctively the thought of connecting personal stories, emotions and fashion came to me while crossing Istanbul's two continents Europe ans Asia. And believe me, I love it: Taking pictures of people who catch my interest at first sight and writing down their personal fashion story is exactly what I want to do.
My father is German and my mother was Swedish. I grew up in Hamburg and at least once a year I spend as much time as possible in Järnäsklubb, Sweden. For me it is pretty clear: The Swedish roots are the answer for my fashion sense and the German roots are responsible for the discipline which is necessary to built this blog. 
When I observe a stylish person I often comment the outfit. For sure the answer would not be: "Oh, this is Dior, last summer season." The answer would probably be: "Thank you! I got this skirt in Paris during my honeymoon last summer. It is from Dior." And this is exactly what makes fashion alive and emotional: The story people associate with it.
At the age of 15 I bought my first denim jacket with my pocket money: It was second hand and from Rifle. The name of the store was "Endless Summer". Now I am 33 years old and I am still wearing it. This denim jacket went along with me through good and bad times and is still there, like a good friend. 
And of course I was wearing this denim jacket when I crossed the Bosporus and the idea of Imprimoloco was born.

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  1. Hello Victoria, wow what interesting stories of interesting people and I love your thoughts and round ups of them all. A really great read. All positive and deep just what I like when I have some free time-to read and be inspired and refreshed on what is trendy for the individual person out there.