December 28, 2012

The Magic of the Unexpected

Jasmin, Fashion Fotography Student
Dress: Charity Shop London
Belt: Flea Market London
Boots: Bianco
Cardigan: Carin Wester
To be honest, I didn't plan to post during my Christmas holidays until I saw Jasmin and her sister sitting on my in-law's couch. Jasmin's style is unique. I never saw her wearing trousers before. She prefers beautiful dresses and she loves to look for special pieces. Jasmin found her antique, metal belt on a flea market in London. Not in the fancy corner, but at the shabby end. She is still enjoying this unexpected found a lot. It's amazing how a simple belt can modify an outfit. Interesting belts add character and contrast to your outfit. Jasmin's story bring me to the conclusion that nothing adds more versatility to your closet for so little investment as a belt. I am also impressed by her style understanding: Allways looking for unique pieces and enjoying the magic of the unexpected found. 

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