December 7, 2012

You will Never Find a Rainbow if You are Looking Down

Bülent, Owner of Harikalar Dükkanı

TShirt: KAFT
Shoes: Derimod
Soon I will go home for Christmas. For that reason I am looking for special Turkish gifts. In the heart of Istanbul, Beyoglu, I stumbled upon Bülent and his very nice shop "Harikalar Dükani". I bought two shirts from the Turkish brand Kaft design. It's important for me to give away personal gifts. Bülent's small shop is full of exclusive things, mainly from Turkish designers. For a long time he worked as a graphic designer. In the end the agency life didn't satisfy Bülent any longer and he decided to start his own business.  I have great respect for such a decision. "Harikalar Dükani" means "Wonder Shop". Bülent and his shop remind me Charly Chaplin's words: "You will never find a rainbow if you are looking down." 

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