May 31, 2013

The Key to Fashion Success is Self Confidence

Meral Tabakoğlu, Brand Manager for Buse Terim
T-Shirt: Asli Filinta
Jeans: Mango
Ballet Pumps: Valentino
Clutch: Balenciaga
I met Meral at the Facehunter book presentation in Istanbul. There were many beautiful women, but only a few who emitted self confidence and calm. I opened our conversation with the words: "You look exactly like yourself, that's why I want you to become part of Imprimoloco." And Meral's answer left a lasting impression on me: "Let me tell you a secret. The self-confidence to dress like yourself comes with age." Wow, what an inspiring food for thought! How do self-confidence and style belong together? 
Self-confidence is in all of us, but given with different measures. Some have more and some have less. Others have more (when they should have less) and some have less (when they should have more). Self-confidence can also be seen in what we wear because what we wear can give us a boost in our own self-image. The clothes are the superficial portion that gives the uplifting and encouragement. What we know and feel is important, what brings joy and happiness, and what brings content and peace, should also translate to what we view ourselves from the outside looking in. No need for façade, and no hiding behind expensive designer anything. Our mentality is of confidence and security, not attitude and arrogance, and that should translate in how we showcase ourselves through our clothes wherever we go.
There are, obviously, many spiritually and psychologically negative concepts associated with fashion. People often think that if they aren’t ‘thin enough’ or ‘rich enough’ then they never have a chance of looking good in clothes, just to name one of many examples. The older you get, the more you just feel what suits you, regardless of what others may think.

Meral's Balenciaga clutch is from 2007. Her style secret: Invest in a few quality pieces!

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