September 18, 2012

Above the roofs of Istanbul

Ali, GM of the Tomtom Suites in Istanbul
Suit: Ramsey
I think Ali is managing one of the most beautiful and tasteful hotels in Istanbul: Tomtom Suites. His hotel is located in Galata, the heart of Istanbul. Tomtom Suites story goes back to the 1850s. The old Franciscan House belongs to the selected group of "The Small Luxury Hotels of the World". What I love most about this place is the intimate atmosphere achieved by sleek and modern decor combined with solid wood floors. And I was deeply impressed by the characteristic artwork! Sitting on the rooftop together with Ali, listening his story, made want to come back as soon as possible and try their food: Nouvelle Turkish Cuisine. If you are looking for the perfect place to stay and eat in Istanbul, take a look at
Tomtom Suites opens its doors on a silent street of the city's most appealing area, and is more of a life style than a hotel.

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  1. oh, this recommendation came just in time :-)Thank you so much for bringing up this wonderful hotel!