September 20, 2012

Just accurate!

Sylvia, Business Communication Student
Sunglasses: Market, Istanbul
Top: H&M
Leggings: New Yorker, Berlin
Watch: Casio
Bag: Gift
I met Sylvia and her friend Dajana at Taksim, sitting on a fountain, watching the crowds. I loved the fact that their style differed from all the others. And when I asked, what language would be comfortable for them, they answered both immediately German. So we had a really nice talk about Istanbul, home country and style. Germans are known for their discipline, order and punctuality. Maybe because of this cliche, we sometimes use the word "accurate" as a synonym for "great". Sylvia used to say "accurate" quite a lot during her first semester at university. For that reason her fellow students gave her the bag which says "Accurate.". I think, that's really "Great" and definitely worth writing about!
I would say, these are accurately manicured nails in bronze: The "must have" nail polish colour of autumn. Can't wait to try it for myself.

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