September 26, 2012

Put some yellow in your life!

Aslı, Mathematics Teacher

Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Blouse: Boutique, Bodrum
Jeans: Market, Taksim
Bag: Boutique Istanbul
Watch: Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
Shoes: Converse Chucks
Aslıs shiny yellow blouse was visible from a great distance. I only saw her yellow back and I knew that she would become my next Imprimoloco shoot. Pure, bright and sunny yellow is the easiest colour to see. Yellow symbolizes wisdom. Yellow means joy and happiness. People of high intellect favor yellow. The fact that Aslı is earning her living as a mathematics teacher only underlines my colour theory. I like her local style. She got most of her outfit from small Turkish boutiques, local markets or the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Currently, Aslı is always wearing her personal lucky charm: Perfectly matching bracelets from a small boutique in Bodrum. I think, Aslı is well equipped for the challenges of life with intellect and luck. 

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