October 22, 2012

Faith is a Passionate Intuition

Sedef, Actress
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Necklace: Market in Beyoglu
Blouse: H&M
Jeans: Mavi
Boots Beymen
Sedef was very amazed when I told her about Imprimoloco. Five minutes before I arrived she talked to her friends about the idea to open her own blog. Sedef is an actress. Right now she is working for the Turkish FOX Series "Esir Şehrin Gözyaşları" - "Tears capture the City". Her idea is to blog about what's happening behind the scene. I think, her idea is brilliant because people in Turkey love telenovelas and would be totally interested in background knowledge. In the end we talked not only about her story, but also about how to build a blog in general. In fact, she opened our conversation by saying: This is kind of faith. And I think she is right because for me faith is a passionate intuition.
To be honest, I first noticed Sedef's boots. They were the reason I asked Sedef to tell me her story. They look fashionable and so autumn!

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