October 18, 2012

As Tears Go By

Berrak, Architect and Interiour Designer
Shirt: Sandra, Paris
Trousers: Nolita, Italy
Ballerinas: Babette, Paris
Knot Bracelet: Hand Made, Black Sea
Tear Bracelet: Tiffany
Watch: Toy Watch
Click here to read where Berrak gets her style inspiration from...
Berrak is wearing the charm bracelet every day. If you take a closer look you can see that all charms are tears. The bracelet means a lot to her. Some time ago Barrek went through a difficult period, she cried a lot. To make the tears and the sadness go away her boyfriend gave her this beautiful tear-bracelet. And somehow the tears transformed into confidence. I believe that tears often act as a talisman, keeping you on track of what matters to you. If I feel strongly enough to have tears about something, it's very, very important. Sometimes tears make my decision. 

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