October 16, 2012

Passion is the Trigger of Success

Ali, H&M Area Visual Merchandiser
Complete Outfit: H&M
My Swedish heart beat faster when Ali told me that he is working for H&M Turkey. We even chatted in Swedish. And of course, Ali's complete outfit is from H&M. The fact that he is identifying himself in such a positive way with his employer H&M, deeply impressed me. Ali loves his job obviously. Passion is the trigger of success - that's for sure. Two years ago the first H&M store opened in Turkey, Istanbul. Now there are five stores in Turkey. There is a particular strong demand for H&M in Turkey. Quite rightly in my opinion since there is no other place where you can find so many different categories. My favourite H&M brand is DIVIDED. Today Ali's outfit is pretty classy because of the weekly monday meeting. He told me that he would usually dress more casual. Anyway, his style matches! 

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