November 16, 2012

Being True to Others Means Being True to Yourself

Ahsen, Acting Student
Scarf: Present from a close friend
Jacket: her grandmother's
Blouse: Mango
Shirt: Fred Perry
Leggings: Bazaar
Boots: Timberland
Ahsen wildly gesticulated, discussed with her friends, took some notes and sipped from her Turkish mocca when I saw her. I first noticed her hair: Beautiful curls, tied back with a green scarf. Ahsen just started to study acting. She is very energetic and full speed ahead. While taking the pictures Ahsen jumped and smiled all the time. I can see and feel that she is 100 per cent true to herself. And I think being true to yourself is probably the most important characteristic to become a good actor. "Being true to others means being true to yourself.", Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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