November 12, 2012

Never be Afraid to Show Your Happiness

Zeynep, Social Media Account Manager
Scarf: Online Shop
Coat: Vintage
Jumper: Birthday Present
Blouse: Vintage, Sentetik Sezar
Shoes: Camper
Bag: Flo
Zeynep was listening to music and smiling  - almost dancing  - when I saw her walking around Sunday afternoon. Zeynep's style is definitely flashy, individual and exciting. Fashion reflects the inherent needs of humans to create variety, I think. People dress to reflect their personality. What fascinates me about Zeynep is the way she expresses happiness by her individual style. The whole outfit sparkles with positive energy. I am convinced that an exciting style could cause happiness and of course the other way round: Happiness would probably create a flashy style. Nevertheless, Zeynep proofed my "happy-style" theory and I hope that she will never stop showing her happiness by creating interesting styles.

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