November 22, 2012

The Ones we Love reflect in our Style

Pelin, Communication and Advertising Student
Scarf: Small Shop at Bleecker Street, New York
Jumper, Arden, Moda
Trousers: Massimo Dutti
Loafers: Calvin Klein
Bag: Céline
Watch: DKNY
Waiting for the fast ferry to the European Side of Istanbul, I noticed Pelin. She was perfectly dressed for a nice and sunny autumn day: Beige, Mustard and White. We only talked for two minutes. In this short time her eyes sparkled when she mentioned her boyfriend. Pelin's style tells her own interesting story and her boyfriend plays a major role. She would for example never have chosen these lined Calvin Klein loafers for herself. He picked them from the shelf, Pelin tried the loafers on and she was convinced. It was also her boyfriend who asked her to eliminate the combination of oversized camel jumper together with black tights. Pelin's story gave me the idea to establish the Love-Style theory: The ones we love reflects in our style.

Pelin saw the DKNY watch in New York. It was love at first sight. Back in Istanbul she looked everywhere for it. In the end she couldn't forget this watch and she ordered it from the US. 

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