November 6, 2012

Why look so Far Afield When There is so Much Close at Hand

Başak, Architecture Student
Scarf: Her mother's
Pullover: Topshop
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: Hotic
Bag: Handmade, Boutique in Eminönü
Watch: her uncle's 
A few days ago my very close friend Julia visited me in Istanbul. While rummaging through one of my favourite Turkish stores  Cassette I saw Başak's bag and I knew from the very first second that she has an interesting story to tell. We decided spontaneously to shoot some pictures and to talk. It turned out that Başak's key pieces are all borrowed or handmade: Her mother's scarf, her uncle's watch and the leather bag. No brands, no trends, not expensive and yet her style is unique. Başak was looking for the perfect watch for a very long time when she found it at her uncle's place. And her uncle lent Başak the watch. That's exactly what I like. And it makes me think of the fact that it is often not necessary in life to look so far afield when there is so much close at hand.

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