January 15, 2013

An Istanbul Woman does not go out not Looking her Best

 Cihan, Stylist
Leather Jacket: Party 21
Trousers: Zara
Pumps: Zen Ayakkabi
Canta: Zen Canta
Contrary to the opinion that fashion is superficial, I have noticed that fashion works on the surface, but does not deserve the attribute superficial. From the beginning fashion has been a mirror of society, created to present the individual need of expression. The range of expression is huge, so much that the effect depends on subtle details. It strikes me that Istanbul women have their own style. Modern Turkish women love to dress elegant, fashionable and feminine. No matter what, high heels are an obligation. The Style of some Turkish Designers confirms my observation: Dresses, skin-tight cuts for trousers and skirts and leather. Black is omnipresent together with flashy cuts, colors and expensive adornments. For me Cihan represents perfectly the modern, elegant Istanbul woman. Her style is ladylike: Black Leather jacket with adornments, black jeans equipped with golden rivets and flashy red patent leather pumps. Cihan showed me that an Istanbul woman does not go out not looking her best. 
It's definitely worth showing Cihan's hairstyle!

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