January 22, 2013

True Luxury is about Having Time

Nergis, Make Up Artist 

Hat: knitted by her mother
Coat: borrowed from her friend
Trousers: Bershka
Boots: Stradivarius

Nergis appeared totally relaxed to me when I saw her sitting outside, enjoying the great weather and chatting with her friends. Although my Turkish knowledge is insufficient for describing Imprimoloco properly we could communicate surprisingly well. To the question of her occupation Nergis answered with a satisfied facial expression: At the moment I don't work. In a world in which occupation, permanent deadlines and stress are understood as status symbols her answer fascinated me. Nergis used to work as a make up artist before, including Estée Lauder. But now she enjoys obviously the time. The encounter with Nergis makes me realize that time is priceless. True luxury is about having time.

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