January 12, 2013

Keep it Short and Sweet

Birtan, Bershka Employee
Coat: Bershka
Jeans: Bershka
Yesterday I was lucky because I even met two style conscious men. I can indeed consider myself lucky, as there are usually more interesting dressed women on the street. Why does it seem to me as women like fashion more than men? Women talk more about trends and there are much more fashion magazines for women. Men's fashion is still characterized by classic suits. Although men depend more on trends than before - women's fashion is affected by extremely significant and dynamic changes. When Birtan told me that he works for Bershka, I was not any longer surprised by his style sense. To my question about his "personal no-go trend", Birtan answered like a shot: Classy. He never wants to look like the classic man in a suit. While talking to him, I noticed one more relevant difference between women and men: Interviewing and photographing goes much faster with a man.

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