January 11, 2013

For Some it's a Trend, for Others it's a Way of Life

Barkın, Store Manager at Lastikpabuç
Coat: Barbour
Trousers: Mango He
Lace-Up Shoes: Mango He
Barkin works for one of the biggest Sneaker Stores in Istanbul - take a look: 
The heroes of my childhood all had beards: Heidi's grandfather Almöhi, Wicki's father Halvar, Pumuckl's Meister Eder and last but not least Santa Claus. It seems to me that somehow people give you an authority and respect if you have beard. "I have the terrible feeling that because I am wearing a white beard, you expect me telling the truth" - Orson Wells' quote confirms my assumption. Currently, there are many men wearing mustaches and  full beards. And I have to ask myself if this is just a trend or if there is a deeper meaning. I decided to ask Barkin. His accurately trimmed beard caught my eyes immediately. He laughed, touched his beard and assured indignantly that he would never ever shave his beard. Then he paused for a second and added that he would maybe shave the full beard, but not in any way the mustache. I believe him and I realise that for Barkin the beard is part of his identity - much more than a matter of style. For some it's a trend and for others it's a way of life. 

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