February 5, 2013

Do Something Different just to get back to Yourself a Little bit

Beste, Student
Vest: Topshop
Boots: Hunter
We always see strangely dyed hair on the catwalks of the biggest fashion events, but most of the times these hair trends do not find fans among people. Usually people are more into natural hair color. However, blue, green and pink stripped hair became quite a popular chic. Highlights don't have to be bright and vivid. Some highlights are so subtle you have to look up close to notice them. Not every person who highlights their hair is trying to be funky. Some personalities like to be different without being loud. That's exactly what I like about Beste's green highlights. She was shy and reserved, but very clear and focused when she told me her story. After a melancholy period Beste needed to change something. That's why she decided to dye her hair green. Sometimes it is necessary to do something different just to get back to yourself a little bit.

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