February 21, 2013

The Magic of Vintage or Newer isn't necessarily more Desirable

Hanna, Student
Coat: Vintage
Blouse: Asos
Leggings: Asos
Boots: Dr.Martens
Bag: Hermes
Hanna's eyes were sparkling when she told me about her coat: a hidden vintage treasure. It's pretty obvious that Hanna loves her coat and the associated feeling of pure enjoyment. It strikes me that vintage clothes offer a magical fascination. Vintage clothes found an increase popularity. The trend started in the early 1990s and continues. I wonder why vintage is more popular than ever in a world where it has become easy to buy whatever we need. Vintage clothing is unique. A piece that was created in a bygone era will always be a unique addition to the wardrobe. Every piece of vintage clothing has a history attached to it.  Whether it is a personal story that someone in your family can share or simply the history behind the fashion itself. Many clothes from previous eras paid a lot more attention to detail.  Most buttons and decorative items were hand sewn for example. The wave of vintage wearers over the past two decades proves that fashion is not like technology in that newer isn't necessarily more desirable. I think vintage clothing is more than just something to wear.
The best place for vintage shopping in Istanbul is definitely "By Retro" at İstiklal Caddesi Suriye Pasajı No.166 in Beyoğlu.

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