February 26, 2013

Clean Chic - a Tribute to Good Taste

Şeyma, Fashion Design Student
Sunglasses: Grand Bazaar
Coat: Weekday
Trousers: Cheap Monday
Lace-up shoes: Dr.Martens
Backpack: H&M
After keeping my eyes open unsuccessfully yesterday, I was really happily surprised when Şeyma and Mikail crossed my pass. Figuring out that they live in Germany was definitely an additional positive effect. I think Şeyma's clean-chic style is outstanding. At first sight simple and pure with small details. Without conscious intention she makes everything right because she knows exactly how to combine clear lines, simple cuts, discrete colors and different materials. Şeyma creates an accent with her white Dr.Martens lace-ups and the colored lips. No jewelry - only a simple leather bag. The clean-chic style is puristic and simple in form - almost avant-garde, the colors more sober than harsh. The clear lines impress with their minimalist glamour. This trend proves once more that not only flash colors and opulently tailored clothing are setting accents, but also simplicity. Şeyma's style is one hundred per cent her. She made me realize that the secret of individuality, personality and style is to dress without masquerade.
The backpack is from H&M. For more clean-chic inspired pieces you should check out two other Swedish labels: COS and Weekdays.

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