March 14, 2013

Attitude is a Little Thing that Makes a Big Difference

Azrazeyrek, Marketing Director Ipekyol Group
Pea Coat: Balenciaga
Blouse: Fay
Trousers: Fay
Sneakers: Nike
Bag: Céline
The best thing about writing a Streetstyle Blog is not the fashion part - it is to get in touch with interesting and inspiring people. Once more I realized that charisma and unique style goes hand in hand. Azrazeyrek was visible from afar because of her positive attitude and elegant, casual outfit. When I asked Azrazeyrek to become part of Imprimoloco it turned out that she is the marketing director of the Ipekyol Group. The Turkish clothing labels Ipekyol (timeless and feminine elegance), Twist (playful and trendy elegance) and Machka (stylistically confident and powerful elegance) belong to the Ipekyol Group. Azrazeyrek was searching for three years until she found the perfect looking and fitting pea coat at Balenciaga. A great opportunity for me to write about the pea coat phenomenon. A pea coat is a short wool jacket that is made in a style that was adapted to wear buy European sailors. The traditional coat is a deep navy blue color. A pea coat can be distinguished by it's broad lapels and double breasted style. Pea stands for Pauline, Eleanore and Andrew - the favorite sheep of a British Navy sailor whose father made the jacket to keep him warm while serving at the sea. If I were looking for a nice pea coat I would definitely go for the German label Firma Berlin on But no matter how you look at it - I talked to Azrazeyrek because of her positive attitude. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. 

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