March 6, 2013

Turn Your Face to the Sun and the Shadows fall behind You

Güneş, Student
Scarf: crafted by Güneş's mother
Sun Glasses: By Retro
Leather Jacket: Mango
Trousers: Taksim, Atlas Pasajı
It took me a while before I realized that all Turkish names have a meaning. Meanwhile my first question would be: "What does your name mean?", when I talk to people and take pictures for Imprimoloco. Determining the meaning on my own even makes me proud. Some of the names may derive from the time in which the child was born, e.g. Bayram (Feast), Safak (Dawn), Bahar (Spring) or the events during the birth like Yagmur (Rain) and Tufan (Storm). I like the meaning of Güneş's name: Sun. When we talked yesterday, everything was fitting together: The sun was shining, almost dazzling, the warm colors of her outfit reminded me of a sunset and of course the name itself "Sun". Besides the fact that Güneş already chose some of the spring 2013 trend colors, her style made me think how color can transform face, body, mood or even an attitude. "Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you", Charlotte Whitton

1 comment:

  1. I love the meaning of that beautiful name! And I think Güneş's style adds perfectly to it: the warm, earthy colours she chooses look like leafes, that have cought the sun of summer and blossom into a bright Indian Summer.

    I especially fell in love with the scarf! Her mom surely could make a business of knitting!