April 9, 2013

True Beauty is What You Project

Asena, Fashion Stylist Assistant
Sun Glasses: H&M
Suede Jacket: Mango
Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Small Boutique, Istanbul
The first thing I thought when I saw Asena was "Wow - what a beautiful woman!" She makes me think about what true beauty means, but more on that later.
Asena's outfit shows her sure feeling for trends and her preference for casual styles which have that certain something. Quite rightly she is working as a fashion stylist assistant. Royal suede together with black and white stripes - amazing! Typically reserved for fall and winter, leather is making a big splash this spring, thanks to a lighter, more feminine look and feel. I think it is easy to embrace the unexpected warm weather look by selecting pieces in cool colors enhanced with embroidery, laser-cut details or perforated accents. Asena's stylish blue suede jacket inspired me to do some research. From my point of view the latest "Must Have" is Acne's Mape Petite Sue Pop
Back to true beauty. I have come to realize that beauty is a subjective quality, and a universal perfect beauty is, but an abstract concept. I did not only notice Asena's outfit. What I noticed was the whole beauty: Mind, spirit and body. It was a shining light that sparkled through her eyes and smile. I think, beauty is not only what you look like -  it's what you project.
For more beautiful pictures of Asena take a look at her blog: http://asenasaribatur.blogspot.com.

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