April 8, 2013

Life is too Short to Remain Unnoticed

Mete, Photographer 
Sun Glasses: Oakley
Camera: Canon G15
My whole perception changed since I have started with Imprimoloco. For the first time in my life I see clearly. Every day I try to raise my awareness of the beautiful things around and if possible capturing the moment by taking a photograph. I love the challenge when taking photographs. It gives me a great feeling of satisfaction when I bring together what I know about the camera with my choice of subject. Sometimes the result is a good photograph and sometimes there are mistakes. Then I want to learn from it and it urges me to do better next time and learn a little bit more. It is a very creative process and individual expression of how you see the subject whether it's a landscape, portrait, fashion shoot, flower or food. And when I create something that is completely my own and has turned out well then that is the payoff for all the work - seeing the result.
When I saw Mete sitting in the sun I realized that he was doing the same: He absorbed the mood and expressed inner contentment, a camera was hanging over his shoulder. At the age of 35 Mete decided to work as a photographer. It was a new beginning for him and a decision he will never regret. On his home page http://www.metersoz.com Mete quotes Dali: Life is too Short to Remain Unnoticed.

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