July 16, 2013

Elegance is What You Are Not What You Wear

Gözde, Lawyer

Hat: Park Bravo
Coat: Zara
Bag: Ipekyol
Boots: Boutique in Kadiköy 
Georgio Armani once said: Elegance doesn't mean being noticed. It means being remembered. I met Gözde in December and she left quite a mark. I met many people with an interesting style but, Gözde was the only one so far with an elegant style. It appears to me that elegance is not popular in nowadays. But what exactly means elegance. Sense of style or a mental attitude? I never thought about this interesting question before. First, elegance means work. Perfect shaped hair, precisely defined eye lines and tailor visits are not possible without discipline. Elegance is also an act of politeness, charisma and self-awareness. In terms of clothes elegance has a lot to do with clarity and quality. An elegant outfit should be inconspicuously simple and clean and never superficial from my point of view. I have come to realize that elegance is both: mental attitude and sense of style. Elegance is an art form with many facets. These days our whole life is defined by efficiency, optimization, tempo and fast consumption. These characteristics are in conflict with the nature of true elegance. Maybe it's time to think about a new form of elegance. Fashion stands for the basic condition of life: transience. That's why fashion rises so many questions. What does modern elegance mean for you?

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