July 8, 2013

I Don't Care About Fashion

Ahsen, Student
Scarf: Present from a close friend
Jacket: her Grandmother's
Blouse: Mango
Shirt: Fred Perry
Leggings: Bazaar
Boots: Timberland
She doesn't care about fashion
She doesn't even know what is trendy right now
She doesn't wanna know either
She has her own style
She wears what she likes
No matter others like it or not
She will still wear it anyway
She is weird but sincere 
She is crazy but cool
Ahsen has her own style. That's for sure. She is not interested into fashion. That's what impressed me. Her style is laid-back, easy and natural. That's why I wanted her to become part of Imprimoloco. I met her in November. The fact that Ahsen is not into fashion, but still sets a high value on an individual style made me think about the difference between style and fashion. From my point of view style means consistency. Fashion stands for constant change. Exaggerated style turns into boredom. Exaggerated fashion turns into idiocy. You can turn it how you like: In my opinion the attitude towards fashion seems paradoxical. Even if you say, you don't care about fashion and don't dress to make a statement, you are making a statement (that you don't care about fashion). I think it's not possible to stay completely out of fashion. Like it or not, somehow you always act towards fashion. Especially if you try hard to dress completely indifferent towards trends. Sooner or later you compare your style to other styles in your surrounding. In the end, it's not the point if you like fashion or not. That's the thing: Taste is so subjective! And because of that there is never a right answer about what is tasteful and what you should be consuming. What I hate about fashion is that there is too much emphasis placed on what and not on why. I have come to realize that it is not about what I like, but why I like it. That's exactly what makes Imprimoloco different from other fashion and street-style blogs. Imprimoloco goes far beyond what.

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