February 28, 2013

You Are Where You Wear

 Mikail, Self employed
Sunglasses: Carrera
Jacket: Bench
T-Shirt: Small Guitar Shop at Taksim Square
Trousers: Diesel
Boots: Asos
You can tell a lot about a person by the t-shirt they wear. Besides Mikail's style stands out in positive manner, my attention was directed to his t-shirt: A darkish looking man, smoking a cigar in front of Istanbul's landmark the Maiden's Tower. Although this little island at the entrance of the Bosporus was occupied by a fortress in Byzantine times, the tower dates from the last century. In Turkish it's known as Kız kulesi supposedly after a princess who was hidden here after a prophet predicted she would die from a snake bit. Today Kız kulesi is a popular restaurant. But in this case the main issue is not Istanbul's impressive heritage - it's the t-shirt itself. For the first time in my life I saw a really nice non-touristic city themed shirt. Mikail bought this unique piece in Galata at Galip Dede Caddesi, locally known as music street, where you can get musical instruments, guitars and some clothes. A good place for buying non-touristic Istanbul t-shirts is Lal (Camekan Sokak No 4c). I guess, you are where you wear!

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