March 5, 2013

Never too Cool for Mickey Mouse

Alp, working for Fashionone TV
Hat: crafted by Alp's mother
Leather Jacket: Zara
T-Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Dsquared2
Buckled Shoes: Zara
Sun Glasses: Juicy Couture
I can't help myself, but Mickey Mouse always makes me smile. Not only because my daughter loves watching the Micky Mouse Club House - it is a reminder of my own childhood wonder. I remember sitting on the couch with my father watching Mickey Mouse cartoons together. Believe me, he had at least as much fun as I had. Mickey Mouse appeals to so many age groups for various reasons. Children love his ability to make them laugh with his spirited personality and extremely recognizable voice, as well as for his noble, yet entertaining actions. It seems that Mickey will always come to the rescue if someone were in trouble. In addition, adults love Mickey for the cherished memories that he stimulates within them. Over anything else, Mickey represents happiness and joyful experiences. Everyone can relate to Mickey Mouse because he is a timeless character who everyone alive today has encountered at some point. I noticed Alp wearing a grey Mickey Mouse t-shirt perfectly combined with blue jeans, black leather jacket and buckled shoes. The Mickey Mouse print does not only stand for a certain casualness, but also for the ability to take yourself not too seriously. That's exactly the "fine art" of fashion for me: Do not take it too seriously otherwise the pleasure of fashion will definitely go! 
Mickey Mouse t-shirts are definitely back. On the catwalks they provide a fashion upgrade together with leather skirts, elegant maxi skirts and nice jewelry. One of the best places to find Mickey Mouse shirts and originally printed shirts in general is the German brand LOGOSHIRT.


  1. Thank God AND you for this post! I found it right after I shopped myself a Mickey Mouse shirt :)) And whatever doubts I might have held of it possibly being improper for someone at my age, they just faded into nothing but excitment!

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