March 29, 2013

Style Means being the Way I wanna be Every Single Day

Edith, Account Director TBWA Zürich
Fur: Waooh-Collection, Cannes
Shirt: Anti-flirt, Cannes
7/8 Jeans: Cambio, Frankfurt
Sneaker-Wedges: Maury, Brussels

Yesterday morning I got an email from my very good friend Susana. She seemed excited sending me some pictures of her colleague: "Look at Edith, I loooooove her style, I took a couple of pics. You should post her on Imprimoloco." Usually I prefer taking photographs myself because I need this very special feeling which appears every time I know that I want that person for my blog. Edith's unique outfit, her idea of style and the fact that every single piece of her outfit tells a story gave me the idea to create a collage. "Style means being the way I wanna be every single day."

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