March 28, 2013

Your Personality is what Pulls Your Look Together

Vanessa, Student
Denim-Jacket: Bershka
Dress: DeFakto
Leggings: Mango
Boots: Deichmann
Every year I spend a couple of days together with my nice and nephew. Wherever I have been, they came for a visit. For my nice Vanessa it's already the third trip to Istanbul. She is very interested in Imprimoloco, fashion and photography in general. That's why she wanted to accompany me on a street shoot. As it happened we started talking about denim jackets. Vanessa told me that she got her denim jacket during the last Istanbul trip (I totally forgot). This jacket always will remind her of our time together and of the most exciting city: Istanbul! It was these words that symbolized perfectly my idea of style and of Imprimoloco. Instead of keeping a lookout for interesting styles on the street - I decided to take pictures of Vanessa. It is admirable how Vanessa already knows what looks good on her and what doesn't. She doesn't dress to fit in with a particular group. Her style and personalty is a union. Many people do never reach this level of coordination. Once again I realize that personality is what pulls a look together. Style is about expressing yourself just the way you are and helping you become who you want to be. But you must accept yourself as you are, before you can become who you really want to be. Vanessa accepts herself the way she is. Did I mention that she is almost 17 years old?!!
Denim will never get out of style. For the spring and summer season 2013 you should wear a denim jacket with items you'd never dreamt of mixing with before, like dress shirts or a peasant top or over an evening dress. My favorite denim jacket for S/S 2013 is designed by the Swedish label ACNE, Stace Degrad.

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