April 5, 2013

I love Sneakers!

Mina, Photography Student 
Glasses: Giorgio Armani
Coat: Zara
Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Topshop
Sneakers: Nike
When I was 19 years old I did skateboarding and I loved punk music. I still love punk music, but I gave up skateboarding after a bad crash. During that period sneakers were the most important footwear for me. Time changed and I switched to high heels, long shafted boots and ballerinas. People say when you get older you go back to your roots. It feels like that for me now. I am looking for a nice long board and I keep my eyes open for the perfect pair of sneakers. As it turns out finding the perfect pair of sneakers is much harder, then I thought. The man I love has a passion for Nike Air Force 1. The more I do research on "the perfect pair of sneakers" I become aware of the science, cult and history behind the big sneaker labels. 
I noticed two things about Mina: Her perfect cut fringe and her yellow shining Nike sneakers. The running shoe Nike Lunar Glide 4 is the perfect fit for her - as well as the haircut, I think. And I admire Mina for both: Sneakers and Haircut. She inspired me: Hair appointment is fixed and right now I am flirting with Nike Air Max 1 Vintage. What could be more reasonable now than buying sneakers for my daughter, opening a door for guitar music and the skateboard will be next. 
Mina is wearing Nike Lunar Glide 4. If you need some orientation on the sneaker topic I would recommend Squidoo for a brief history, the Sneakers Magazine for the latest trends and the Frontlineshop for online purchase. 

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